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A novel method to reduce exhaust emission of diesel engine using carbon black, 3-way catalytic converter and an alkali solution

by IPR Cell


The present invention provides a system for completely reducing the diesel engine exhaust emission and converting hydrocarbons and nitrogen compounds into O2 and N2 using the carbon black contained in alloy chamber to reduce the oxygen concentration by absorbing oxygen and converting O2 into carbon dioxide at definite temperature; 3-way catalytic converter to reduce the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous compounds by converting them into CO2 at 400OC and an alkali solution contained in alloy chamber absorbs carbon dioxide generated to completely reduce the exhaust gases emanated from the diesel engine at 50-70oC . The temperature of the reactions is maintained using freezer gel pack layers on the outer side of the exhaust pipe. A mesh filters having 0.1 -0.7 micron lattice are used to avoid clogging catalytic converter after carbon chamber and also stops the flow of any remaining particulate matters, into the atmosphere.



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