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About the Patent Exchange

Patent Exchange, a company specializing in technological solutions, has launched a pioneering technological platform for delivering wide range of IP services. Our technological platform ensures that we scale up activities that work to grow our customer’s base. We ensure confidentiality of our client information through high end technology measures. We protect digital information through strong data encryption and redundancy measures.

For dynamic companies and individuals all around the world patents have become a more valuable commodity than many others, sometimes making up even 80% of their value. With the ownership of a patent come multiple opportunities for patent monetization and commercialization, including the sometimes overlooked but often lucrative licensing and sale of those patents.

Expanding Technology Markets Lead To More Opportunities In Patent Commercialization

For the past 20 years technology has advanced and penetrated economies at an exponential rate, leading to an expansion of markets and opportunities in patent commercialization. Patents give companies an ability to operate in this competitive marketplace and gain advantage over competitors. This can even lead to the exclusion of competing companies, a highly sought-for situation for any company.

Patent litigations range from the colossal battles between companies like Apple and Samsung to smaller and less reported disputes going on every day. Thus patented technologies and innovations have increased in value drastically over the last decade. As the stakes and potential revenues increased, patent owners found themselves in an enviable situation: their patents became the ammunition in this new competitive marketplace. Thus commercializing in the most profitable and optimal way has become a priority to patent owners.

Companies also often own patents which have significant value to entities in other areas of business than they themselves are operating in. These patents represent significant investments that may go unutilized due to their unnecessity in the core operations of their owners. These situations are high-value opportunities for the patent owners and the commercialization is a very sensible option as the sale or licensing of such patents can provide a highly profitable business opportunity. A commercialization specialist is a valuable ally in such a situation and should be consulted if in doubt.

With Patent Commercialization Patent Exchange Is Your Best Partner

In order to commercialize your patents most optimally and with the highest probability, it is highly recommended to engage an experienced partner. These companies have the experience and contacts as well as resources to make the patent commercialization operation a success, both for patent sellers and buyers.

Potential parties which are willing to buy patents will be given a strong and detailed image of the patents and their commercial value in the market whereas sellers will be able to reach a market unavailable to them otherwise where their patents will receive the benefits of an auction-like environment which makes the commercialization as smooth and lucrative as possible. With Patent Exchange all these contacts and relevant experience is by your side and with our success-based fee model engaging us is 100% risk-free. For these reasons Patent Exchange is your ideal companion in your patent commercialisation efforts

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