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Algal- GO Nanocomposites for the reduction of textile dyes

by IPR Cell


The present invention provides nanocomposite comprising green algae selected from Scenedesmus sp such as not limited to Scenedesmus rubescens and graphene oxide nano sheets for the reduction of textile dyes. The nanocomposites are prepared by using solvo thermal method The preparation of Scenedesmus rubescens- Graphene Oxide nanocomposite was carried out using lyophilized Algae (Scenedesmus rubescens) and graphite powder as precursor In this method, graphene oxide nanosheets were synthesized using Hummer’s Process. The synthesized graphene oxide and lyophilized Algae (Scenedesmus rubescens) were mixed at optimum ratio in deionized water under constant stirring for 12 hours at room temperature. The resultant mixture was then lyophilized in a lyophilization unit. The obtained nanocomposite thus formed was then used for degradation of textile dyes.



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